Friday, October 28, 2016

Point of View

It wasn't too long ago that I was going through the dreaded yet needful job search, seeking opportunities at workforce agencies and career fairs; and following up on job applications.
This month I will be completing half a year at my job, which also marks the end of my probation period. It is longer and different to past probations that I have experienced.

It gave me ample time to reflect on my progress and development, both in career and personal. I am surrounded by colleagues who have qualifications and skills that exceed my own leaving me wondering if I am, by the definitions and standards of a meritocratic Singapore (and other societies), successful at this stage in my life.

I could look back into the past and wish I did things differently, focused more on my goals, heck, even maybe undertook further studies in a completely different field that I may be better at (read my first blog about my first career aspirations of being a journalist/ writer).

It came down to one thing. I'm just too grateful. Too grateful of the life I've been given to ponder too much about what could have and should have been. Also I am not one to conform to the standards of society.
Everything I have been through in the past has led me to where I am today. My past supervisors have seen my true potential and given me opportunities for progress.  I have been involved in industries related to my passions where my efforts and strengths have been appreciated, trusted and commended.
Hence I believe it's no different to this new job. At least I hope.
I have goals of my own which I know I will achieve provided that my point of view is unwavering and focused on being the best I can be, whichever path I choose to step on. That has always been my motto.

Let me leave you a quote for you to ponder.

"Failure is a point of view but so is success. So change your point of view." - Nahil Hilal Faraj.

Yes, by none other than my wise husband.
So if you find yourself in doubt, change your point of view today! 

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